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Win the £143m Euromillions jackpot !Win the £143m Euromillions jackpot ! (national-lottery.co.uk)21 Oct 2014
5,000 with ITV5,000 with ITV (itv.com)22 Oct 2014
1,000 with Auto Trader1,000 with Auto Trader (magic.co.uk)23 Oct 2014
30,000 with ITV30,000 with ITV (itv.com)23 Oct 2014
1,500 with Heart1,500 with Heart (heart.co.uk)23 Oct 2014
15,000 with ITV15,000 with ITV (itv.com)23 Oct 2014
2,200 with ITV2,200 with ITV (itv.com)23 Oct 2014
5,500 with ITV5,500 with ITV (itv.com)23 Oct 2014
1,000 with Absolute Radio1,000 with Absolute Radio (absoluteradio.co.uk)24 Oct 2014
1,000 with Key1,000 with Key (key103.co.uk)26 Oct 2014
1,000 with Heart1,000 with Heart (heart.co.uk)26 Oct 2014
Take a Break Issue 42Take a Break Issue 42 (takeabreak.co.uk)27 Oct 2014
1,000 with Kiss FM1,000 with Kiss FM (kissfmuk.com)27 Oct 2014
2,000 with Robert Dyas2,000 with Robert Dyas (robertdyas.co.uk)30 Oct 2014
29,000 with ITV29,000 with ITV (itv.com)30 Oct 2014
10,000 with Energizer10,000 with Energizer (energizer.eu)31 Oct 2014
500 with Kiss FM500 with Kiss FM (kissfmuk.com)31 Oct 2014
Take a Break Issue 43Take a Break Issue 43 (takeabreak.co.uk)03 Nov 2014
5,000 with Telegraph5,000 with Telegraph (telegraph.co.uk)07 Nov 2014
60,000 with ITV60,000 with ITV (itv.com)13 Nov 2014
1,279 with Banks's Beer1,279 with Banks's Beer (bankssbeer.co.uk)31 Dec 2014
10,000 with Wasgij10,000 with Wasgij (wasgij.co.uk)31 Jan 2015

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