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Dec/Jan Daily Quiz Question 29

Closes on 30 Jan 2018

Our December contest has been extended to end on 31st January and so the prize money for this contest is now £50.

Become our Dec/Jan Competitors Companion Quiz Champion !

You could win a £50 cash prize in our Daily Quiz. Not only that, you will have the honour of becoming the Dec/Jan Competitors Companion Quiz Champion !

We will be publishing different multiple-choice questions each day between now and 31st January. Don't worry if you miss a question or join the quiz late as you can answer the questions you have missed on 31st January when we will publish all of the previous questions.

Please do not submit more than one entry for each question as only your first answer will be counted.

To enter the Quiz you need to have paid for the upgrade service of Competitors Companion.

The winner of the Dec/Jan quiz will be the member who has answered the most questions correctly and who is the first to be drawn at random.

The winner of our Dec/Jan quiz and all of the answers will be announced here shortly after the closing date.

The winner of our November Daily Quiz was Stephen Ray from Lancashire .

60 years ago Sputnik 1 burned up while reentering the Earth's atmosphere, after having flown for how many days ?

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