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Conundrum - with another extra clue - Submit your solution here

Closes on 13 Feb 2018

You can win a £50 cash prize if you are the first to solve our Competitors Companion Conundrum.

After the first extra clue nobody has yet submitted the correct solution to the Conundrum.

We are allowing everyone one further entry after providing you with this second extra clue.

First extra clue

Once you have solved the 6 answers you need to use these answers to find the name of an English town with 10 letters.

Second extra clue

Make good use of the initial letters of each of the 6 answers and you will need another 4 letters to find the solution.

This will be the answer to the Conundrum and you should use this separate entry form to submit your answer.

You will need to have correctly submitted the answers to the 6 clues as well as being the first to submit the answer to the Conundrum.

This contest is only open to upgraded members of Competitors Companion.

Best of luck !

The solution to the Conundrum is:

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