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Enter our Where in the World contest and win £60 ! - Saturday's question

Closes on 13-Jan-2018

Our December contest has been extended to end on 31st January and so the prize money for this contest is now £60.

You could win a £60 cash prize in our Where in the World contest !

We will be asking you to name different locations in the world each day between now and 31st January. Different pictures will denote a location which might be a city, town or venue. We will tell you each time what you need to solve and we will also give you a clue because we do not expect you to solve the location just by recognising the picture !

At the end of each day's contest we will pick the winner from all correct answers received and so the winner is not necessarily the first entrant with the answer. The overall winner of the £60 cash prize at the end of the competition will be the person who has the most individual wins and in the event of a tie a draw will be held to determine the winner of the £60 cash prize.

We will give you regular updates of the daily contest winners so you can see who is leading the competition.

To enter this contest you need to have paid for the upgrade service of Competitors Companion.

Only one entry per picture is allowed, otherwise your entry will not count.

William Cameron was first out of the hat with Thursday's answer of Port Elizabeth.
Deborah Hennighan is our current leader with 4 wins.Jacquelyn Burton, Patricia Eames,William Cameron and Ian Davidson have 3 wins. Deborah Gilbody and Susan James have 2 wins. Kenneth Coleman,John Werry,Trish Almand,Alan Morrison,Mike Terry,Ian Major,Valerie Seal,Lesley Davenport,Phyll Burgess, Ian Campbell,Michael Butler,Richard Cox,Kate Hocking,Don Allen,Annette Duckworth and Mike Venables have one win each.

Well done to Lesley Davenport from Nantwich, Cheshire who was the overall winner of our November contest.

Best of luck...

This plaza where you can see a number of sculptures is located in which South American city ?

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