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Feb Daily Quiz Question 13

Closes on 27 Feb 2018

Become our February Competitors Companion Quiz Champion !

You could win a £25 cash prize in our Daily Quiz. Not only that, you will have the honour of becoming the February Competitors Companion Quiz Champion !

We will be publishing different multiple-choice questions each day between now and 28th February. Don't worry if you miss a question or join the quiz late as you can answer the questions you have missed on 28th February when we will publish all of the previous questions.

Please do not submit more than one entry for each question as only your first answer will be counted.

To enter the Quiz you need to have paid for the upgrade service of Competitors Companion.

The winner of the February quiz will be the member who has answered the most questions correctly and who is the first to be drawn at random.

The winner of our February quiz and all of the answers will be announced here shortly after the closing date.

The winner of our December/January Quiz was Chris Cooper.

The answers to the December/January questions are shown below:

1. Flasher

2. Lancashire

3. Dante

4. Diana Rigg

5. 24

6. Eight maids a-milking

7. Polar Bear

8. 1977

9. Midwife on Emergency Call

10. William Mynors

11. Collabro

12. Dudley

13. Christmas card

14. Santa Maria

15. Ann (Rutherford)

16. Paul McCartney

17. Roger Federer

18. French

19. 1988

20. The host of Multi-Coloured Swap Shop and Telly Addicts

21. Deal or No Deal

22. Claire

23. Meet Me in St. Louis

24. Sugar plums

25. 4

26. Texas

27. Wei Wei Wong

28. Chance

29. 92

30. Voltage

31. Stanley

32. Highland Wildlife Park

33. Gold Coast

34. Rupert

35. Earth

36. Yale

37. Joan Sims

38. HMS Rodney

39. Liverpool

40. Mount Hope

41. Jamaica

42. Gibraltar

43. Aldous Huxley

44. Mermaiding

45. 70m

46. Mary

47. Vodka

48. None

49. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd

50. Missouri

51. Patrick

52. Peter Perfect

53. Birmingham

54. Russia

55. France (Wallis Simpson)

56. Granville

Which Carry On actor provided the voice of Penfold the Hamster assisting Danger Mouse voiced by David Jason ?

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