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Win £100 with the new Competitors Companion Conundrum ! - Riddle 8 of 12

Closes on 30th of April 2021

You can win £100 if you are the first to solve our new Conundrum.

Between now and 31st March we will be publishing 12 riddles. The answer to each riddle is one of the 12 signs of the zodiac and you have to submit the correct answer which will be a different sign of the zodiac each time.

After the 12th riddle has been published we will be publishing an entry form which will enable you to submit the solution to the Conundrum.

The solution to the Conundrum is a place in the United Kingdom as predetermined by Competitors Companion, which might be a city, town or village and it can be found from the 12 riddles.

The winner of the £100 will be the first person to submit the correct solution to the Conundrum as well as having submitted 12 correct answers to each of the 12 individual riddles.

Take care as only one attempt at each answer to the 12 riddles and one attempt at the solution to the Conundrum will be allowed and if more than one answer is submitted we will only accept your first answer.

You need to be an upgraded member of Competitors Companion to enter this contest.

The eighth riddle of the Conundrum is shown at the top of this page. Name the sign of the zodiac represented by the riddle.

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