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Closes: 26th Oct 2020
Site: competitorscompanion.com
Closes: 26th Oct 2020
Site: competitorscompanion.com
Closes: 26th Oct 2020
Site: competitorscompanion.com
Closes: 26th Oct 2020
Site: competitorscompanion.com
Closes: 26th Oct 2020
Site: competitorscompanion.com
Closes: 27th Oct 2020
Site: competitorscompanion.com
Closes: 30th Oct 2020
Site: competitorscompanion.com
Closes: 31st Oct 2020
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Closes: 30th Dec 2049
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Results of our recent competitions.

➤ Daily Quiz September. Won by Amethyst 57.
Question: 1: 104 years ago today the last known living passenger pigeon died at Cincinnati Zoo. She was named after the wife of which U.S. President ?
Answer: George Washington
Question: 2: If Sri Lanka is 150 and Monaco is 1100 where is 50 ?
Answer: Luxembourg
Question: 3: This ship pictured above was used in a TV series which first aired in 1961. In the series the title role was played by Terence Morgan but which living actor played his nephew in the series ?
Answer: Michael Crawford
Question: 4: Which one of the famous sportsmen was not born in Shropshire ?
Answer: Fred Perry
Question: 5: Yesterday 23 year-old Harry Coppell set a British record in which athletics field event ?
Answer: Pole vault
Question: 6: Which one of these famous people was not a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts ?
Answer: T. S. Eliot
Question: 7: What is the first name of the lady in the centre in the picture who was the sister of the driver, both of whom were recipients of the Légion d'honneur ?
Answer: Katharine
Question: 8: Which tennis player was disqualified from this year's US Open after hitting a female line judge with the ball ?
Answer: Novak Djokovic
Question: 9: 477 years ago today Mary, Queen of Scots was crowned when she was just 9 months old. At which castle did the coronation take place ?
Answer: Stirling
Question: 10: The rainforest of which island is the natural habitat of the animal pictured above ?
Answer: Borneo
Question: 11: The house in West Yorkshire that many people believe provided inspiration for both Wuthering Heights and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall is currently for sale for over £1 million. According to the sales particulars what is the internal area of the property ?
Answer: 5015 sq ft
Question: 12: In the TV series The Mrs Bradley Mysteries, Mrs Bradley was played by Dame Diana Rigg. In the series what was the name of the Inspector played by the actor who in another acting role played the fifth incarnation of Doctor Who ?
Answer: Christmas
Question: 13: The most recent winner of £1 million on Who wants to be a Millionaire? is a teacher at the former school of which politician ?
Answer: Jeremy Corbyn
Question: 14: Which is next in the sequence of Russia,Germany,Portugal,Italy....?
Answer: Turkey
Question: 15: The record pictured above was taken by the crew of Apollo 10 on their flight to the moon. Which musical instrument was the tune written for ?
Answer: Clarinet
Question: 16: On Monday scientists announced that Reindeer herders on a Russian island have found the perfectly-preserved remains of what sort of animal from the ice age ?
Answer: Bear
Question: 17: Life in Laytonia is a blog written by an actor and writer who played which character in the TV series Doctor in the House ?
Answer: Paul Collier
Question: 18: Which of these country's flags does not have a lion on either of its sides ?
Answer: Bhutan
Question: 19: What was the name of the album released in 2017 by the band pictured above ?
Answer: Jupiter Calling
Question: 20: Who is the host of this year's virtual Emmy Awards ceremony ?
Answer: Jimmy Kimmel
Question: 21: Which of these writers did not write a story or play that inspired a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock ?
Answer: E. M. Forster
Question: 22: Michael Lonsdale, who played the villain Hugo Drax in the 1979 James Bond film Moonraker, has sadly died. For which film did he win a César Award for Best Supporting Actor ?
Answer: Of Gods and Men
Question: 23: In the theme tune of the sitcom pictured above, as sung by Bud Flanagan, Mr Brown goes off to town on what ?
Answer: the 8:21
Question: 24: If Tom Mix is added to Dancing Queen and Burlington Bertie what is the answer ?
Answer: Here comes Herbie
Question: 25: Which one of these famous people was not born in India ?
Answer: Rex Harrison
Question: 26: The recent 28-inch long recipient of a gold medal for work in detecting land mines was born in which country ?
Answer: Tanzania
Question: 27: Which of these is not the name of a war that took place in the 19th century ?
Answer: War of Jenkins’ Ear
Question: 28: Which of these acting knights was the best man when one of the cast members of the film pictured above got married ?
Answer: Roger Moore
Question: 29: Which of these bottles of champagne is the largest ?
Answer: Melchizedek
Question: 30: Which of these is an example of Litotes ?
Answer: She was not unfamiliar with the works of Shakespeare
➤ Win £30 in our Guess Who contest - September mystery person number 37 Won by Eno.