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Closes: 11th Aug 2020
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Closes: 11th Aug 2020
Site: competitorscompanion.com
Closes: 11th Aug 2020
Site: competitorscompanion.com
Closes: 11th Aug 2020
Site: competitorscompanion.com
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Site: competitorscompanion.com
Closes: 14th Aug 2020
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Closes: 30th Dec 2049
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Question: 1: 117 years ago today saw the start of the first Tour de France cycle race. What was the name of the newspaper that established and sponsored the race ?
Answer: L'Auto
Question: 2: Which of the Great Lakes does not border the state of Michigan ?
Answer: Ontario
Question: 3: The actor pictured above played which character in a popular TV sitcom ?
Answer: Mr Partridge
Question: 4: Who is the only U.S. president to have been born on 4th July, Independence Day ?
Answer: Calvin Coolidge
Question: 5: Actor Earl Cameron has died at the age of 102. In one of his roles he played a character in a James Bond film who works for the British Secret Service in which city ?
Answer: Nassau
Question: 6: What was the name of the clown who, 76 years ago today, helped to tackle a circus tent fire in America which tragically claimed 168 lives ?
Answer: Emmett Kelly
Question: 7: Ennio Morricone, the composer who wrote the iconic theme tune to The Good, The Bad And The Ugly, has died aged 91.For which film did he win an Oscar for best original score ?
Answer: The Hateful Eight
Question: 8: The lady who provided the voice of the character pictured above in a popular TV series also provided the voice of which of the following characters ?
Answer: Penelope Pitstop
Question: 9: Which restaurant did Chancellor Rishi Sunak visit yesterday afternoon after announcing the VAT cut and 50% ‘Eat Out to Help Out’ discount scheme for the hospitality sector ?
Answer: Wagamama
Question: 10: A memorial blue plaque in whose honour can be seen at Mornington Crescent Underground station ?
Answer: Willie Rushton
Question: 11: 96 years ago today the man pictured above won a Gold medal in the Olympic Games. He was born and died in which country ?
Answer: China
Question: 12: If Cleo is 10, Dick is 26 and Jack is 8 what is Henry ?
Answer: 21 (number in series of Carry On films)
Question: 13: What was the nationality of the 19th century composer who wrote the music that was adapted in this advert ?
Answer: French
Question: 14: The comet pictured above is expected to remain visible to the naked eye throughout this month. The next time the comet will pass Earth will be in approximately how many years ?
Answer: 6800
Question: 15: The wife of which former Ryder Cup Captain appeared in a Carry On film ?
Answer: Sam Torrance
Question: 16: This man, who was married to Elva, was a musician but he is more famous for his 1940s invention which involves a number of colourful characters. The invention was partly inspired by this man's love of the work of Agatha Christie. The man died at the age of 90 and is buried in a Worcestershire cemetery. What was the man's middle name ?
Answer: Ernest
Question: 17: Last month the 99-year-old theme park, Wicksteed Park in Kettering, went into administration, but it might reopen. The park's founder had a dog which is commemorated by a statue that stands in the park. What was the dog's name ?
Answer: Jerry
Question: 18: The man pictured above was the first person to do what ?
Answer: Use an ATM machine
Question: 19: If David succeeded Freddie and John succeeded David, who succeeded John ?
Answer: Jonathan (Hosts of Any Questions?)
Question: 20: The actor who played the Chief Inspector in Hitchcock's 1954 film Dial M for Murder also played the victim in which episode of Columbo ?
Answer: Dagger of the Mind
Question: 21: ​What is the name of the spacecraft which has launched successfully in the United Arab Emirates’ ​first mission to Mars ?
Answer: Hope
Question: 22: The family pictured above live at which house number and street ?
Answer: 31 Spooner Street
Question: 23: 77 years ago today one of the most bizarre and spectacular murders in British criminal history took place in Essex. What was the name of the family involved ?
Answer: The Brown family
Question: 24: Which of these horse racing classics is the oldest and the longest ?
Answer: St. Leger
Question: 25: What is the surname of the West Indies' spin bowler who is the heaviest cricketer playing international cricket ?
Answer: Cornwall
Question: 26: Whos is next in the sequence of Cliff Richard and The Shadows,Dave Edmunds,St Winifred's School Choir,Cliff Richard,......?
Answer: Bob the Builder
Question: 27: What was the nickname of the aircraft pictured above ?
Answer: Spruce Goose
Question: 28: Who is the only actor to have won an Oscar for acting in a Hitchcock film ?
Answer: Joan Fontaine
Question: 29: What is the name of the 4 year-old St Bernard that had to be rescued last Friday after collapsing while walking down England's highest mountain ?
Answer: Daisy
Question: 30: Which one of these is not one of the March sisters in the novel Little Women ?
Answer: Flo
Question: 31: In 1903, the man pictured above dropped out of school in the seventh grade. What did he later say when giving the reason he dropped out ?
Answer: Algebra's what drove me off
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