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It is now easier to win £1,000 with Score the Game !

Closes on 21-Apr-2017

It is now easier to win £1,000 in our fun soccer prediction game as you now have to predict the scores in 5 games rather than 6.

We are asking you to predict the scores of 5 games played in the Premiership, Championship,League One, League Two, Scottish Premier League, FA Cup or World Cup Qualifying Games.

If you are the first to predict all 5 scores correctly you win £1,000 !

If you are the first to predict 4 out of 5 scores correctly you win £100 !

In the event of there being more than one entry submitted correctly predicting 4 or 5 scores in a week's competition only one prize of £1,000 or £100 will be awarded which will be to the entry submitted first.

We will check the scores for all entrants and so you will not need to make a claim if you have won a prize.

Postponed and abandoned matches

If a match is postponed we will substitute the postponed match with another match that is not postponed and your prediction for the postponed match will count towards the substitute match. If there are not at least 5 non-postponed matches on a weekend that week's competition will be void (eg due to severe weather).

In the case of an abandoned match we will count the score at the time the match was abandoned.

Where extra-time is played in a match the score that counts is the score after extra time and before any penalty shoot-out.

To take part in this contest you need to be an upgraded member of Competitors Companion on the day(s) that the matches take place.

You can enter the competition once a day and so you return tomorrow for another try.

Predict the scores in the matches below being played on 22nd April.


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