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other competition sites - help please

Posted by whynotme? 
other competition sites - help please
October 28, 2014 08:36AM

I do all of the competitions on this site except the social media ones. I am looking for another site so that I can enter more competitions on line.

Can anyone recommend any ?

I have one concern in doing that. On this site you can mark the ones that you have done - so you can be sure you are not duplicating entries. I certainly can't remember all of them. If I used another site as well I might end up entering again and so disqualify myself from those whose terms say only 1 entry per person or only 1 entry per household. How would I guard against that?

Re: other competition sites - help please
November 01, 2014 09:51AM
There are various other competition listing sites, some better than others, but I'm not sure it's appropriate to list them on here..... it seems wrong somehow. But I'm sure if you google you could find them.

As for not duplicating your entries, that would be up to you to keep your own records of what you had entered and where from.
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