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Well done

Posted by rolysb 
Well done
January 01, 2015 11:20PM
Congratulations Deborah on your Crossword win. Hopefully many more to follow in 2015.
Re: Well done
January 06, 2015 12:27PM
Having just received a cheque from CC this morning (thank you CC) I'm guessing you meant me. Not a bad way to start the year.
So how did you know? Or are you going to be enigmatic about it (like you have previously when you found a loophole that accumulated more ladder points).
And, if you found the winner of the Crossword, who won the Word Search?

Re: Well done
January 06, 2015 12:39PM
Come come, Deborah. You are labelling me as mysterious. Far from it. I merely observe all around me - it is surprising what you sometimes overlook.

A perfect example is that you are somewhat baffled with the January Rebus. You have expressed your exasperation in this forum.

There is no loophole. I cannot imagine where you possibly got that idea from!

You ask me where did I learn about your Crossword success. You also asked me to reveal whether I had found the winner of the Word Search.

Deborah - no mystery. Take a look again at the Rebus Number 1 and read the text and DIGEST it fully. All is revealed near the end.

Good comping Deborah - and have fun.
Re: Well done
January 06, 2015 07:23PM
Well Mr B, that's me told. Of course you are quite correct in your observation that I'm reading but not taking in the information. You do like stirring the pot, don't you? Keep it up!

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