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Posted by miketerry 
March 05, 2015 05:41PM
The last one was closed on 16 February. I look forward to the next one as its the only way I can think of using my CC points.
Re: Games
March 05, 2015 06:22PM
Hi miketerry. It appears they are not talking to us.confused smiley
Re: Games
March 05, 2015 06:24PM
Patience usually works smileys with beer
Re: Games
May 03, 2015 05:10PM
Oh dear. Looks like there are no pennies in the Competitors Companion coffers. Just a measly couple of coins' awards (not the average five) this time and not even enough to award a £5 garden centre voucher.

Although the text says it is possible that every box could be a voucher - what a letdowneye rolling smiley.

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