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Posted by rolysb 
Coming Soon
May 23, 2014 09:50PM
Hi ukinet. Thanks for your note re 'Competitions you've logged - coming soon'. Hope we are able to differentiate between those entered and those not entered. At the moment the line-through indicates that we have entered or are not interested. Also, an 'identifier' will remove the necessity of trawling through the same comps more than once to check whether we have entered them. Many thanks.
Re: Coming Soon
May 27, 2014 03:22PM
I will be doing some updates soon.
The problem is my list is full of pretty major updates that could make a real mess of other things.
I'm currently testing the expanded complog feature that may well answer your question.
You'll be able to see all the comps you've logged, when you logged them, add notes and other things.
That's all subject to a little time though.

Re: Coming Soon
May 27, 2014 04:02PM
Thank you for that. Look forward to it.thumbs up
Re: Coming Soon
May 27, 2014 06:42PM
I second rolysb's comment.smiling smiley

Re: Coming Soon
May 29, 2014 05:36PM
So I've been working hard on this, and today scrapped most of the work and re done it again, the data was huge the way I was staring it before, now it's a lot better.

Currently I'm the only person able to see the new page but I'll let everyone see it once I get some half meaningful data on it. Finger crossed that won't be long.
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