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Posted by ukinet 
June 16, 2014 02:55PM
Finally something to do with your coins.

Check the games link up above to play open the box.
You can win more coins or even a garden centre voucher.

You can play once every 30 minutes.
It costs 1000 CC Coins to open a box.

Prices and prizes may change in the future.

It's under test so please let me know in this thread if you have any problems.

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Re: Games
June 16, 2014 11:30PM
Hello. Very pleased that something is happening on the 'coins' front. When you say it's 'under test' does this mean that the prizes aren't for real yet?

What I don't understand is, if the same boxes are showing to everyone, which I assume they are as a lot seem to be already 'opened', then a game isn't going to last very long if lots of us play. There are at least 100 'players' - according to the Leader Board - and if we all log on and play at the same time (unlikely but possible) then there aren't enough boxes for us all to open, let alone when we come back 30 minutes later.

Am I missing something?

Now, I appear to have won a voucher (great!) but there's nothing telling me how the voucher will reach me. But if the game is still under test (see para. 1) then I may be expecting something that will never arrive.

I hope this doesn't sound too negative! smiling smiley

Re: Games
June 17, 2014 05:24AM
You'll get the prize.

The game is under test as it's got to be throttled, if it were just a free for all click fest then I would end up broke.

The game at the moment is setup to reset it self when the board is complete, the timing of this I'm yet to decide though.
Re: Games
June 17, 2014 09:31AM
Yes, I was concerned about how much it would all cost I it were to continually roll over.

Looking forward to my prize!


Re: Games
June 17, 2014 04:38PM
Just spent 1000 points and opened a $ bag prize but my balance has not changed and no mention of how many coins I have won?
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