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3 wins!!!

Posted by Aldonza 
3 wins!!!
April 07, 2015 06:17PM
After a very long, dry period without a win in sight I have won three times in the space of a week! Just when I was despairing of any success, I have won theatre tickets from a local newspaper, £25 from the Riddle Race (thank you Competitors' Companion!) and the BNY Mellon VIP Experience (Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race weekend) advertised on this site. It just goes to show - perseverance does pay off! If I can do it, anyone can.
Re: 3 wins!!!
April 07, 2015 06:26PM
Congratulations! I hope your winning streak continues.
Re: 3 wins!!!
April 07, 2015 09:11PM
Thanks Kris
Re: 3 wins!!!
April 07, 2015 10:11PM
Aldonza, congratulations, great news! Strange how they come in batches isn't it, I've noticed that before. Hopefully it'll be a long winning streak for you.

Re: 3 wins!!!
April 08, 2015 12:11PM
Thanks Deborah. I also got a phone call this morning to say I'd won £250 worth of flooring through a local paper comp - something that will come in very useful. Can't believe it - think I'll do a line on the lottery tonight. (Or maybe that's a hope too far!) smileys with beer
Re: 3 wins!!!
April 08, 2015 05:55PM
Aldonza, congratulation !!!

I'm very new to all of this... but I'm managing to get the comps in.

My concern is not duplicating my efforts, because quite a few of my submissions do look familiar.

Any advice on how to reduce duplication?

KR Richard
Re: 3 wins!!!
April 08, 2015 08:44PM
Congratulations. I always love hearing about peoples' wins. I too have experienced months without winning anything and then several wins in a very short period of time.
Re: 3 wins!!!
April 10, 2015 06:11AM
Congratulations! Perseverance pays off!
Re: 3 wins!!!
April 19, 2015 05:53PM
Hi Rickardo, if you enter the comps on Competitors Companion by clicking on the 'CompLog' (red box with green tick) then this puts a line through the competition entry so you can track which competitions you have entered.
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