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Posted by kevincharley 
Quick Entry
September 23, 2015 11:23AM
Has anyone else noticed that competitions which you've entered and have been crossed through are showing as not entered the following day? I thought at first it was my error but it's happening again and again - enough for me to know for sure it's not an error on my part.

Anyway, this is the last straw for me. I'm weary of the incorrect answers, the incorrect links, the incorrect closing dates and the complete lack of care from C.C.s admin team. My membership expires in 5 days time and I won't be renewing. I've discovered over the last few months that all the competitions listed on here can be found on other - free - sites. It's interesting to note that where one of the free sites lists an incorrect answer, oddly enough, so does C.C. so I'm guessing the competition listings are a cut and paste job from various other sites.

I feel it's such a shame that C.C. has come to this. I used to be a devotee of the site but, for whatever reason, in the last 12 months or so it has become a shambles. The errors aren't acceptable and I'm registering my exasperation by not renewing my membership. I know some of you are of the opinion that 'it's only a tenner' but you're on here to win competitions and you're not going to if you're misinformed. Most competition answers are ridiculously easy to find so save your money.

Good luck to all.

Re: Quick Entry
September 24, 2015 08:36PM
Totally agree Deborah

It is such a disgrace that this site has deteriorated so much and the management have quite simply demonstrated they do not care. I will not bother renewing my membership either which is a shame,as I used to enjoy visiting the site,

The Treasure Hunt fiasco and the utter nonsense with the coins and ladder points are two examples of how this once great site lost its way and never recovered,

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