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A few queries from a newcomer to online comps

Posted by maemae 
A few queries from a newcomer to online comps
July 19, 2012 09:16PM
Hi everyone, I have just joined Compeitiors Companion this week. I have been comping for over 20 years, but mainly postal entries, and won a few small prizes over the years. I enjoy the ease of on line competitions, no trooping round the shops for proofs of purchase and buying stuff you will never use. I have an old laptop, it is normally adequate for day to day use, but I have found that some of these links to comp sites seem to take ages to load, 15 mins sometimes longer. Does anyone else have the same problems, or do I need to buy a new laptop. The sites with videos are the worst, and I do eventually give up or end up having to shut my laptop down and reboot it, and start all over again. As you can imagine it is taking me ages to enter a decent quantity on a daily basis. Also, how are the winners normally notified, is it by email, post or phone.. Or is it by all 3 methods. Thanks
Re: A few queries from a newcomer to online comps
July 20, 2012 07:23AM
Hi love your dear old lap top is taking a long time to load,you can usually access the sites strait away.The notification of a win is up to the specific comp it cud be either,phone,post,or email.Enjoy your comping.
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