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New to the site and comping!

Posted by missjennakate 
New to the site and comping!
January 02, 2011 08:55PM
Hi there!

My names Jenna, I'm from Lancashire.

I usually use another website for competitions but I love how this website has a forum;
I have enjoyed reading all your experiences and prize wins!
It really has given me the inspiration to keep at the comping lark!

I only started entering competitions last year and the biggest prize I have won is a pair of hair straighteners from cosmo.
I had forgotten I had entered and then one day I got a big parcel and well, I screamed!
Since then I have been hooked but not won much since then, just a tshirt.. So fingers crossed!

I have bookmarked the site and I hope to gain some tips and such from you all smiling smiley
Re: New to the site and comping!
January 10, 2011 12:29AM
Welcome Jenna. The only tip I can give you that works, is keep entering, for small prizes as well as large ones, it's down to luck, but it's also a numbers game. At least if you are winning the odd small prize inbetween it keeps you keen to keep going. Don't discount the odd giveaway or prize draws you may come across in magazines or supermarkets either, ok you may have to pay for the price of a stamp, but I once won a holiday for having a sticker on my car window !

Also I don't know what other website you are using, but there are a few out there who are not really comping sites at all, I am not saying that they don't give out prizes, but their main purpose is to collect email addresses, and the entry forms go on for ever with you having to fill in bronze, silver and gold "offers" - sound familiar ? I won't even bother with these, in the time it takes to do one I can do twenty on here.

I used to subscribe to this place long before it was online and used to arrive as a magazine on subscription only, and I have to say it is one of only two I rate highly. It's worth you paying the yearly fee to get the answers too. It's not a lot of money for a years worth of fun !

Good luck.
winning comps
November 04, 2011 04:49PM
I have been a member of this site for 18 months now and haven,t won a thing yet.I spend about 2 hours every day entering comps but why on the winners page do the same winners appear time and time again.Is it just luck of the draw,I have about 100 comps on the go but I would just love to win anything.Any tips you suuccessful compers?
Re: New to the site and comping!
November 13, 2011 03:24PM
I must have done about a thousnad comps in the last two and a half weeks so eagerly looking forward to my rewards
Re: New to the site and comping!
November 13, 2011 04:45PM
I have been doing comps now for nearly a year and not one anything could anyone tell me if you throw your chances away if you tick saying you dont want to recieve emails for say from woman and home and ipc or from carefully selected third parties. as i would be interested to know.
Re: New to the site and comping!
November 13, 2011 07:34PM
I have been thinking the same thing,because they want your details.I have become disheartened just a tiny win would be nice,but if you look at the winner's page the same names crop up time and time again.Happy comping.
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