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Posted by kevincharley 
May 23, 2017 06:21PM
Once again I'm horrified to see the depths some people will sink to.

My heart goes out to the families involved in this callous act. I'm one of the lucky ones not involved and can only stand on the sidelines and witness the horror in a city I know well, love, and have been, in the past, proud to have called 'home'.

Huge thanks go to the emergency services, the MEN staff, the hospital staff and to all the people of Manchester that helped out in whatever way they could.

I'd love to be able to think that, after the wickedness we've seen all over the world in the last few years, this was the last time we would hear and see such disturbing events unfold but I'm not so naïve to believe this will end.

Wishing all the Competitor's Companion members well.

Be safe.

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