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recording my enties

Posted by frills 
recording my enties
January 12, 2014 04:09PM
After a month with computer issues I now have a new one Hallelujah! withdrawal symptoms abating!

However I have now discovered the newer looking site doesn't like copying my entries onto a word document. The new bar at the bottom stops me from dragging beyond it, then when I re-copy from where I left off... well...several pages of editing needed! Also when deleting a row I haven't entered, the blue and white lines will not backspace to close the gap.

I like to keep a record of my entries. Am I missing something? Is it just not compatible with new windows 8? I still have the same office 10 programme. Can Comp Log record them so I can see them after the closing date? If not any suggestions welcome - I just like to be able to look back if I'm lucky enough to win!

Any advice appreciated.

Kind regards

Re: recording my enties
January 12, 2014 09:59PM
Yes this is one of the things the new complog+ will record, it is infact doing it, at the moment I just havent coded the reports for you to see, but soon.....
Re: recording my enties
January 19, 2014 02:50PM
Great news from a great site!
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