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New suggestion

Posted by Kevinox 
New suggestion
January 30, 2014 04:50AM
Just an idea !

Can a game be set up where a there is a box (say size 20 x 20) similar to battleships and all can click on a box and a different value is under each box (just numbers), the contestant can have say 5 goes a week and the box is changed each week (values moved around and altered)with a prize awarded to the contestant who has the highest aggregate total over four or a suggested number of weeks, how about a booby prize for the contestant with the lowest total having used all their goes to keep the interest for all ?. The hidden values could vary greatly such as from 1 to 1000 so giving even the unlucky ones on the first week or two a good chance of winning.
Re: New suggestion
January 30, 2014 07:20AM
Sounds like a good idea, will have a go.
Re: New suggestion
January 30, 2014 07:20PM
Don't really understand it but it sounds fun and would have a go.
Re: New suggestion
March 01, 2014 09:34AM
I'll try anything, my favourite puzzle type game is Suduko, not sure if this could be incorporated into your comps?
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