Sixtyplusurfers Competition
April 01, 2015 11:20AM
I'm not the best at films, but I don't think that photo is Dustin Hoffman


Re: Sixtyplusurfers Competition
April 01, 2015 11:33AM
Hey, the man is a master of disguise - have you seen Tootsie! smiling smiley

Re: Sixtyplusurfers Competition
April 01, 2015 11:34AM
Good point, Deborah xx
Re: Sixtyplusurfers Competition
April 01, 2015 07:31PM
It's not often that CC suggests the wrong answer.
Re: Sixtyplusurfers Competition
April 01, 2015 10:20PM
But would we know? I've just seen the question 'What is Sarah Taylor's highest ODI score?'. I don't even know what ODI stands confused smiley for (the answer given seemed to be correct). I've seen one or two in the past but I don't check everything, they were blatant ones rather like the Dustin Hoffman one Pippin noticed. smiling smiley


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Re: Sixtyplusurfers Competition
April 02, 2015 03:42PM
It's the first incorrect answer I've ever noticed in 3 years
Re: Sixtyplusurfers Competition
April 02, 2015 07:02PM
Pippin, if you look back in the Forum postings I logged a post headed 'Incorrect Answers', letting people know that a particular competition had been credited with an incorrect answer and supplying the correct one. You replied saying that you also had recently seen an incorrect answer so this isn't the first you've noticed in 3 years. Lizziejayne also commented that she'd seen errors.

Don't we deserve the correct information? Some people say that 'it's only £10 per year' but that surely isn't the point. We pay for a service; we should expect the answers supplied to be correct, the links to work and prizes to be sent in a timely manner (Den). If it was a mobile phone service or a broadband connection that was repeatedly wrong in some way people would be demanding action to be taken so why do we accept shoddy service from C.C.?

It's handy having the listings in one place but the same competitions - and more besides - are listed elsewhere for free. Maybe C.C. needs to remember that.

Re: Sixtyplusurfers Competition
April 03, 2015 12:35PM
Apologies - I have contradicted myself. I truly can't remember the first incident but it is there in black and white to see.
Re: Sixtyplusurfers Competition
April 18, 2015 08:34PM
I can't be the only one to have noticed

£1,000 with Absolute Radio

Closes on 26 Apr 2015
Quick Link & Log (hover for answer). = Quick link & log (hover for answer). - Quick Link no Log = Quick link no log. - Log Comp = Log Comp. - Comp Ignore = Ignore Comp.

Register/login and answer the question in this Absolute Radio contest and you can win £1,000 in cash and a Go Pro camera.

Competition link:
Open in a new window

Old entery link (use icons above if you want ladder points and coins when available): Click here to enter

The answer is: Australia

The link takes you to a House to Home competition to win gardening vouchers and the answer is Versailles.

Not only the wrong answer but the wrong competition! Now that's a first - unless you know different...

p.s. when is 'entery' going to be corrected? hot smiley

Re: Sixtyplusurfers Competition
April 19, 2015 02:56PM
I always report any errors. I then Google the competition, work out the answer if necessary, enter the comp and finally mark it as entered on CC. So no need for me to revisit it on CC.

Generally I have found the accuracy of answers and links on CC is good, the CC team provide a superb service.
Re: Sixtyplusurfers Competition
April 19, 2015 08:31PM
Thank you for letting us know. I'm sorry that the wrong answer was submitted but i have just updated the competition with the correct answer.
Kind regards
Re: Sixtyplusurfers Competition
April 19, 2015 08:45PM
April, your answer puzzles me, I've just checked and, yes, the link now takes you to the competition advertised. The answer now corresponds with the competition question, it hasn't been changed - there was no need for it to be changed. But it's correct so thanks for sorting it.

Re: Sixtyplusurfers Competition
April 19, 2015 09:15PM
Miketerry why, every time I point out a glitch, you reply, seemingly trying to make me sound as though I'm complaining for the sake of it? I try hard to sort out errors that I find for the benefit of members, such as yourself. A lot of my comments are made behind the scenes, I've been in touch with April for some time now and she seems to be making progress with queries that have been posted. Remarks such as yours make me wonder why I bother.

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