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Round the World Race

Posted by Shanners 
Round the World Race
October 19, 2015 12:19PM
Is it just me or has this new competition become guess the location from photo? In the early days we were given a decent clue which could be used to solve the puzzle. All we get now is - name the city or town in the photo. Unless you have been incredibly lucky to have either lived in or visited the location, how could you possibly guess the name from the photo without a clue or some other form of help?

I am puzzled by the instruction now included in the entry criteria "From 11th October 2015 any member who submits a correct entry to a location before that particular question has been listed on the Our Competitions page of our site will be disqualified from that month's competition." How could anyone know a correct entry before the question is listed? I think a clearer explanation for this rule is required.
Re: Round the World Race
October 19, 2015 10:19PM
Nope, not just you. The winners will be the ones who know how to do an image search and who log in umpteen times during the day to catch the competition being posted (unless there's some way of setting up an alert?). (See private messages)

I hadn't noticed the new entry criteria but, like you, I'm left guessing as to how someone could post an answer before the question is asked. Quite by chance the other day I posted an answer within 2 minutes of the competition being listed but did I win a point? Did I heck! Oddly enough though I've gained a point on the 'Riddle Race' (aka Hangmanwinking smiley) but have no idea how.

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