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Winner notification

Posted by kevincharley 
Winner notification
February 16, 2017 07:12PM
Hi everybody.

Have any of you ever received a text message advising you of a win and asking that you email your mobile number, name and address to an email address supplied? (Strange as they obviously have my mobile number - they sent me a text!)

I've just had notification that I've won a Tassimo coffee machine via this method and, being a little cynical, I'm treating it rather cautiously. I've emailed and PM'd via Facebook to ask for confirmation but it may just be me that's a dinosaur and this is how things are progressing.

If it's real, then... spinning smiley sticking its tongue out

Re: Winner notification
February 17, 2017 09:39AM
A few weeks ago I received an email informing me that I had won a prize in the BT competition and asking me to provide my details so that they could post it to me. I was a bit cautious and telephoned BT to confirm before giving out any information. Pleased to say that I received the prize last week but I do get a bit uneasy when I receive requests like that.
Re: Winner notification
March 09, 2017 12:50AM
Glad to say I received confirmation from Belvita today that this was indeed a genuine advice.

And thanks to MikeTerry who contacted me via PM, when the forum was out of action, advising me that there was n Asda/Belvita promotion announcing the winners at the time I received the text.

All's well that ends well. My husband is delighted. I'll still be drinking Vimto!

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