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Take a Break

Posted by Arcky 
Take a Break
June 14, 2015 08:48AM
I notice there is no Take a Break competition listed this week. Does anyone know why?
Re: Take a Break
June 14, 2015 11:09AM
Probably because they've forgotten, like they've forgotten to announce last month's Rebus & Riddle winners. eye rolling smiley

Re: Take a Break
July 03, 2015 01:21PM
Still no Take A Break but also no TV competitions lately with the big cash prizes and cars etc. We just seem to be getting less and less decent comps.
Re: Take a Break
July 03, 2015 01:36PM
Den - there is a TV competition at the moment which closes on 16 July.

Most TV competitions no longer give an online option to enter. Entrants have to either telephone, text or write to a Derby address.
Re: Take a Break
July 14, 2015 06:30PM
I have received emails regarding Take a break & wanted to let everyone know that it will be resuming shortly. As stated by rolysb above TV competitions like ITV are very rarely accepting online entries which is why there are not as many competitions as there used to be. Please note I'm constantly checking sites like ITV or Channel 4 for the latest competitions & they will be added as soon as they are found. I hope that helps.
Kind regards
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