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happy new year

Posted by sully 
happy new year
January 04, 2011 09:40PM
happy new year to all and good luck with all competitions next year thought this forum was going to be good but no one seems to be posting many comments are we all to shy ? can we see the winners list in full and not only the recent wins good to see who is winning cause iam haveing a lean spell how about you lot out there how many comps on average you entering each week iam doing about 250


Re: happy new year
January 06, 2011 12:12PM
Happy New Year to all forum users and loads and loads of luck for 2011 xx
Re: happy new year
January 09, 2011 11:47PM
Happy new year to all you compers, and lets hope we all have a fantastic winning year in 2011
Re: happy new year
January 10, 2011 12:50AM
Happy New Year to you all. Mine so far has consisted of having a neck injury, which in turn affected my shoulder, which put me on the sick, then by being in my damp house all the time my chest infection has come back, just to aggravate the asthma I was diagnosed with last year, along with a cold, which made me ache all over - oh yeah and today I have lost my voice ! - This all happened from 30th December to today ! However I am still optimistic that 2011 will be a fab year !

Sully - I have been having a dry spell lately too. Just before Xmas I did win a lovely gift set of hair stuff and body lotion, but I have no idea where it came from. The thing to remeber with competitions is that sometimes you can win one month, not be notified and three months later stuff will just turn up at your doorstep ! I don't keep count of how many I do a week, but would say about 900 a month on average, if not more. I read somewhere that you need to average about 250 per month to be winning- hmm not sure I agree with that.

In answer to your other query, I don't think people are necessarily shy, I think a lot of people aren't on the forums yet, because they are still trying to find their way around the new site, also like myself I have another old standing board (non comp related) where I spend a lot of time on inbetween comping. It's also pretty daunting to be going on sites and finding no one answering you as it's a new board. I do however faith it will get busier but for now we just have to stick with it if we want it to work (which it seems you and I do)

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