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Saying hi

Posted by angelofthenorth 
Saying hi
November 30, 2010 11:32AM
What a good idea to have a forum! just thought I`d use this opportunity to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Carolann, a mum of three from Liverpool. I`m really liking the new look and design of the website. Great work! am looking forward to meeting and chatting to other compers. Have a great week everyone.
Regards and seasonal greetings

Re: Saying hi
November 30, 2010 12:01PM
Thanks Carolann. We are pleased you like it.

Well done on being the very first member to post onto our new Forum!
Re: Saying hi
November 30, 2010 08:29PM
Hi Carolann, nice to meet you. I too am thrilled at having a forum. I'm a singleton, competition and forum addict and make no appologies for it. I live in Swansea and am looking forward to meeting a whole new bunch of people who use the site too.
Re: Saying hi
November 30, 2010 11:56PM
Hi Carolann

I am a fellow Liverpudlian too, love doing competitions as get to win things could never afford. I was lucky enough to win my house being decorated through sunday mirror.. was fab and saved me a fortune on painters and decorators.. heres to next big win for all on the site.

Re: Saying hi
December 02, 2010 06:32PM
Hi to all from a very wintery East Lothian, Have only been comping for a short time and think i had my first win this week, Had a call from the telegrraph saying i had won a signed copy of Lewis Hamiltons life story, not a big prize but enough to keep me going as was losing faith and was starting to think i would never win anything. Just holding out for the big wins now. One good thing being snowbound at home, gives me a lot more time to enter Comps.

Happy Comping
Re: Saying hi
December 02, 2010 07:13PM
Hello folks

I'm in Dorset and returning to comping after a very long break! It was thanks to CC that we won a car back in 1987, when we had the magazine delivered monthly. We had a friend who was a car dealer WHO DIDN'T TELL US ABOUT THE COMPETITION! some friend eh? When I asked him about it he did actually invite me to have a go (!) and the bottom line was, we won an Austin Metro! (Remember them?!) (digging out an old scrap-book recently there we were with our then-young children, in a press cutting) So if you are new to comping or have never won anything, keep trying and never give up hope. Incidentally two of my then work colleagues were so inspired to go comping that they too won a car each! So do it, do it, do it - you'll get there!

Love and peace

Re: Saying hi
December 04, 2010 02:51PM
Hi i'm Hazel I live in West Yorkshire,and have been comping for about 15 years, i have won some amazing prizes, I won a trip to the Bafta's back in 1998,went on Wheel of Fortune and won
Re: Saying hi
December 04, 2010 02:56PM
I wrote a long message to you all , but it has only printed a little bit of it, (see above) i have to go to work now so will do another tomorrow,x
Re: Saying hi
December 05, 2010 08:13PM
hi all iam also from liverpool(must be something in the water or poss in the alcohol) been doing competitons for the last 6 months and have won a 5 night stay in newyork so keep on going you never no when your luck is in
Re: Saying hi
December 06, 2010 09:50PM
Haven't much time right now but just wanted to say a quick hello to you all. Isn't this great?! A forum at last
Been comping a long time and won some nice prizes but nothing huge. Nothing at all for the last year! Hoping you will all inspire me to try harder

Janesmiling smiley
Re: Saying hi
December 07, 2010 11:07AM
My name is Sue I am from Herefordshire in the West Midlands and have been comping for a very long time with some lean streaks and some good wins thumbs up I like the changes to the site.
Re: Saying hi
December 10, 2010 07:32PM
Hi there, I'm in Kent, and right now terribly envious of kaggsie - what I'd give to have the decorator's in!! I've owned this house for almost two years and with only one working arm find myself unable to do even seemingly simple tasks so it is all very frustrating.
One disastrous and expensive lot of workmen put me off getting anyone else in and so I'm down to helpful rfiends and family when they have the time, but I'd love to get someone in to finish off all those annoying little bits!

Having said all that, I've not had a bad year, started with winning a cruiose for two through the Telegraph - I go on 30th April 2011 - booked to leave on the very last date in case I meet a lovely new man in the meantime! I won
Re: Saying hi
December 11, 2010 11:37PM
Hi All i have done two messages on here for some reason have not gone on the forums,I have been comping for 15 years and have had some brilliant prizes,A night at the Bafta's, a mother/daughter makeover/photoshoot, a hot air balloon flight a meal at Claridges plus numerous other prizes, it was always my aim to try and win a holiday and upto 3 years ago hadn't succeeded,but my perserverence paid off,i won a mini cruise to Amsterdam,a trip to Dublin, a trip to Spain, and then on entering in mine and my hubby's name he won a trip to the Ice Hotel in Swedish Lapland,which was amazing it was for 4 people,so we went with our two teenage daughters we got to eat Reindeer ,went snowmobiling,had an ice sculpting workshop and also got £1000 to spend.This year started off with a winning skiing trip to Montgenevre,which we are going on in Feb,and i was also really lucky to win a vip trip to the Tvchoice awards at the Dorchester, I went with my youngest daughter Sophie we had a brilliant night meeting and mingling with the stars, not to mention loads of photo's and a night in a top hotel.Last year was dismal and was the worst comping year, but i am so glad i didn't give up, so to all of you who are having a lean spell stick with it as when the prizes start rolling in it is so worth it xxxx
Re: Saying hi
December 27, 2010 03:00PM
Hi Everyone and Merry Christmas

My name is David and also from Formby in Liverpool - obviously a popular area for compers.

I used to do comps quite seriously a few years ago when tiebreakers were all the rage and had reasonable success. I have only recently started comping again and see that nowadays most of the comps are straight draws. I went mad during November and entered just about every comp I could find where I was interested in the prize and didn't win a sausage. However there's always another month.

Best of luck everybody and have a great 2012.
Re: Saying hi
December 29, 2010 11:57AM
smileys with beersmileys with beer
hi everyone im a scouser too. we are taking over the world .hot smiley
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